My research interests lie at the intersection of Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Autonomous Vehicles, more specifically, how to enable robots navigate dynamic environments through the use of robot vision.

I recently started writing my Master Thesis at TUM’s Computer Vision Group headed by Prof. Dr. Daniel Cremers. The topic of my research is visual SLAM in dynamic environments and my advisor is Nikolaus Demmel.

Since October 2018, I’ve been researching at TUM’s Visual Computing Group headed by Prof. Dr. Matthias Niessner in the topic of sceneflow estimation in point clouds.

Before that, during the winter semester of 2017, I wrote my Semesterarbeit (similar to a Bachelor Thesis in terms of workload but done during your Masters) at TUM’s Chair of Automotive Engineering. There I worked as part of the Roborace-TUM team on Deep Learning-based algorithms to improve situational awareness of an autonomous vehicle.

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